See Ya Later, Bra

Every woman should be fitted for a bra at some time in her life, right? Right.

Well, the old nursing bras were looking practical and used-to-shreds, so I got myself over to Victoria’s Secret for a good ol’ fitting.

“I think I’m a 38B.”
“Oh, you don’t look like it,” says Sweet Saleslady.
“You’re definitely a 36.”
“And you could go with a C cup.”

Then Sweet Saleslady proceeds to find the Worst. Fitting. Bra. I. Have. Ever. Worn.

I wore it today for the last time. Want to know how many times I had to hitch up the straps? 

I think that about covers it. Infinity.

I cannot wait to wash this thing. I cannot wait to put it in my Goodwill bag. I cannot wait to buy a new one… at Target. Size 38B.

Tomorrow’s #1 item to give away. I shall be free.


About Heidi

I'm a pastor's wife, striving to live generously. I'm also a homeschooling, gardening, knitting, cooking, reading mom.
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