Temporary Posessions

神奈川沖浪裏 Kanagawa oki nami ura ("The Great ...

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What a broken mess of a world we inhabit. Globally, the Japan earthquake and tsunami; locally, a horrible bus accident claimed many lives and stopped traffic for hours; there’s even been a death in our family. Seems like every time I turn around there’s more bad news.

I feel like this discipline of giving things away is pretty trivial, when people have lost everything in an instant. Houses turned to sticks, family members lost, lives gone in a flash. Really, my seven little things in their pre-rubble state is hardly a sacrifice.

Then we sang A Mighty Fortress is Our God in worship on Sunday.

And take they our life, Goods, fame, child, and wife, Though these all be gone, Our vict’ry has been won; The Kingdom ours remaineth. 

Which reminded me that all this death is exactly what Jesus came to fix. Exactly what He did fix by His dying and rising. He destroyed death. He gives us life. And He will sit and cry with us in the rubble… whether it’s everything or only seven things.


About Heidi

I'm a pastor's wife, striving to live generously. I'm also a homeschooling, gardening, knitting, cooking, reading mom.
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