Good Food; No Photos

I enjoy cooking and I like to eat… who doesn’t appreciate a good meal? But I never think of taking photos of my food because I don’t write about it! (Except that time I told you about the kale chips.)

So I didn’t take any photos of last night’s supper… and now it’s too late. The tribe brought their appetites and polished off every last morsel. With compliments. Which is funny, because it was SO easy to make it could be on the table fifteen minutes from the time you start cooking. Some days a homeschooling mama needs good, quick food, right? Right!

That’s why I’m sharing my “recipe”. (My definition of “recipe”: a formula for disguising pantry ingredients and leftovers so the family doesn’t wish they had taken me to a restaurant instead.) Here it is, add your own drumroll if you wish:

Clean-out-your-fridge Coconut Curry

1. Start some rice. I used basmati rice, which is my favorite with curry. If you want to do this in a hurry, use leftover rice. My other favorite.

2. Cook whatever you have on hand, using the method that makes sense for that food. How’s that for precise? I sauteed, because I was using some eggplant. I also added other fresh veggies: corn, bell pepper, and green beans. I should have steamed or boiled the beans separately because they were a little too crispy. Want protein? Add some leftover chicken, like I did… or lentils, eggs, or whatever you have.

3. In another pan, saute 1/2 an onion, sliced very thinly. I used about a tablespoon of oil for this. Once the onion starts to soften, add Garam Masala and curry powder. I don’t know how much I added because I was experimenting and not taking photos, but it was maybe 1/2 – 1 tsp. of each. Stir for a while with the onions and then add a can of coconut milk. Taste it and add salt or more spices if needed.

4. Dump that heavenly smelling, coconutty goodness on top of the veggie mixture and serve it up over rice. A side dish of fruit will make everybody happy.

Tough recipe, right? Enjoy with your family!

Oh, and don’t forget to take a photo or two.


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