Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,

I despise you.

Yes, I’ll admit I also adore you. I love to know there are people who care about me; who genuinely want to know what’s going on in my life. I have friends old and new — real, true, loyal friends — who would not be part of my life, except for you.

facebook by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-SphereBut let’s stick to the point: I despise you, Facebook.

You wreck my Sundays. You foul my mood when I’m headed out the door to worship. Here’s how:

  • You tell me how people spent Saturday night. And I do not care.
  • You let me know how people feel because of (or in spite of ) Saturday night’s activities. I have zero sympathy. You should already know this, you tracker-of-everything.
  • You inform me of everyone’s whereabouts on Sunday morning. And then I go to worship, thinking of everyone who’s missing all that the Lord has to offer: this life, this joy, this utter, complete rest. And I do care. I’m so saddened.

Facebook, you fall woefully short. I won’t see you next Sunday. I’ll stick with this:

Jesus came and stood among them and said to them,“Peace be with you.” John 20:19

Easter by ekhum, on Pix-O-Sphere


About Heidi

I'm a pastor's wife, striving to live generously. I'm also a homeschooling, gardening, knitting, cooking, reading mom.
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4 Responses to Dear Facebook

  1. I so agree. I hid a lot of the people that wearied me this way. But even so, Facebook is a downer, and it isn’t a good community, in my opinion.

    I Peter 2: 8 says that Lot was vexed in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard. I heard a pastor say a long time ago that sometimes we’ll be vexed and cannot avoid it, but if we can avoid vexing our spirit we should.

  2. Kim says:

    I know, Heidi! I have a “love/hate” relationship with it too. I want to know what’s going on with old and newer friends, but my dear husband has to remind me that people put their best face forward on facebook, not necessarily what they are struggling with, because that’s a downer to people. What kind of support-group is that? I agree with crafty cristy, not the best community!
    By the way, “He is Risen……”
    I hope you and your famiy had a joyous Easter and the family “yuckies” are on the way out of your home! ; )

    • Heidi says:

      We’re all healthy again, thanks!

      I actually do find a lot of support through facebook, but I have to be intentional about it. My better conversations happen through private messages or focused groups like the Pastors’ wives group.

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