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Please enjoy this guest post written by my oldest daughter. She’s been thinking a lot lately… People often ask me why Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. Is it the presents? The beautiful lights? The (occasionally … Continue reading

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Angel Ornaments

We have a house full of angels at this time of year. Want to see some of my favorites? First, a ceramic angel made by my aunt. It was a Christmas gift to me when I was ten years old. … Continue reading

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Christmas Ornaments are Not Clutter

I’ve sorted through a lot of things this year. Gotten rid of carloads of clutter. I’m a decorating minimalist. Don’t even have curtains on most of my windows yet, after living here for over six years. I don’t do knick-knacks. … Continue reading

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I is for Instruments

Music is always a big deal for us, for school, fun, and worship. But at this time of year, there’s an extra boost of music happening at our house: We love to listen to Christmas carols. Everyone sings. Everyone plays … Continue reading

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