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This Blog is Moving On…

Hello, blog readers! You may have noticed my writing has slowed a bit (ahem!) lately. That’s due to a lot of factors, but it’s mainly because I’m moving over to a new blog, called Living Sacrifices. I started Give Away … Continue reading

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7 Months to Chaos

How long does it take to get from Nearly Decluttered to Complete Chaos? Well, my curious friends, wonder no longer. It takes seven months. And it happened to my house. It’s definitely time to get back to the Give Away … Continue reading

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Veggie Meets Dip, Child Falls in Love

Veggies and dip: it’s the perfect appetizer. It’s the perfect match for the excellent produce of high summer. It’s also a great way to help kids enjoy eating vegetables. Here’s how we love to make a quick, inexpensive, tasty dip: … Continue reading

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I Recommend: Respect Your Husband Online

I read a great post by Connie this morning, and I think you’d like to read it, too. Especially if you have a husband… Connie gets it right. Our words, spoken or written, have a huge impact… on the people we … Continue reading

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Crock Pot Cooking

Crock Pot cooking is all the rage, you know. There are cookbooks, blogs, Facebook groups, probably even fraternal aid societies dedicated to crock pot cooking. It’s easy! Anyone can do it. Except me. I’m not kidding. Tales of a Crock Pot … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary! Highlights of the Year

Guess what, guess what, guess WHAT?? I published my first blog post one year ago; and, more significantly, I’m still writing a year later. Care to celebrate that remarkable commitment with me? Everybody say, “Yay!” Why, thank you. It’s been … Continue reading

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Keep it Simple Decluttering

I’ve been thinking about a new resolution for this year. Something amazing. Something that will have a huge impact. Something that will be a great follow-up to last year’s blog-inducing resolution. But what’s a gal to do after a year … Continue reading

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